We're releasing this film far and wide! Pre-order Directly Affected: Pipeline Under Pressure today.

Today, directors Zack Embree and Devyn Brugge have landed in Ottawa to begin the final screening leg of the #DirectlyAffected film tour, beginning with tomorrow night's (May 22, 2018) sold out screening on Parliament Hill, sponsored by Members of Parliament Kennedy Stewart and Finn Donnelley, then followed up by Toronto on Wednesday night (with an incredibly stellar panel discussion to follow -- tickets still available), all to coincide with the official release of the film on VimeoOnDemand and on our website!

DA-2018-Official Poster_v2.jpg

Ontario screenings mark first screenings in Eastern Canada

That's right! Not only will we be releasing the film to rent for $5.99 CDN beginning Wednesday night at 6 PM EST, we've taken it straight to Ottawa, so that Parliamentarians of all stripes can hear the voices of scientists, citizens, First Nations, economists and mayors featured in Pipeline Under Pressure, a new film about everything you need to know about the Kinder Morgan pipeline fight.

Then, on Wednesday, May 23rd, we'll be in Toronto at the Innis Town Hall (a HotDocs venue) with a stacked panel: Director Zack Embree, Managing Editor of the National Observer Mike De Souza (notable for his incredible reporting on the NEB/Trans Mountain file, including breaking recent revelations that government staff believed the pipeline project was pre-approved), Independent economist and expert intervenor of the National Energy Board Trans Mountain hearing process, Robyn Allan (she has done more to dispell the myth of Trans Mountain's stated economic benefits perhaps more than anyone), and Environmental Defence's Climate and Energy Manage Patrick DaRochia (a heavy hitter, to be sure).

Pre-order the film before Wednesday and save

Simultaneously, we will be launching Directly Affected: Pipeline Under Pressure live from within the Toronto screening -- those who cannot attend, can watch the movie that night or rent it this weekend!

Also, you can Pre-order the film right now and save! Use the discount code here to get the film for a little cheaper (40%) off before it launches and watch it when it's available. You won't be charged until Wednesday night.

Finally, we wish to thank the countless people involved who have made these events -- and all our 2018 screening events -- a truly massive success. With over 20 screenings so far, and many that sold out, we know the time to see Directly Affected is now. What are you waiting for?