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Directly Affected: Pipeline Under Pressure weaves together the stories of people impacted by the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project, the broken National Energy Board review process used to approve the pipeline, Canada’s commitments at the Paris Climate Talks and the innovators working towards the low-carbon economy.

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I grew up believing a story about Canada.
— Zack Embree, Director

5 years ago, Vancouver filmmaker Zack Embree set out on a mission: to understand the impacts of the Kinder Morgan pipeline on local communities and give a voice back to those who had been ignored by the National Energy Board process. 

He interviewed residents affected by the 2007 inlet drive spill, and covered the protests on Burnaby Mountain - and journeyed to First Nations communities such as Fort Mackay, Alberta to witness the impacts of fossil fuel extraction, to New Brunswick where many of the energy workers are from, as well as to France for the Paris Climate talks. 

What he found was a growing storm of opposition from all walks of life and confusion over Prime Minister Trudeau’s climate plan - how to achieve it while building a major oil pipeline?


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Beautifully shot, engaging, and effective...
— The Georgia Straight
...the heart of this film is a desire to give a voice to the little guy...
— The Vancouver Sun
It’s 75 minutes of bristling advocacy journalism, thoroughly researched and professionally presented...
— The National Observer

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It all started when…

Directly Affected: Pipeline Under Pressure was created by two Vancouver-based filmmakers, Zack Embree, former frontline addictions worker turned documentarian and Devyn Brugge, Vancouver-island born Capilano University Film and Global Stewardship studies graduate. The filmmakers witnessed that significant concerns in their communities were sidelined by the National Energy Board pipeline review process that began in 2014.

The film project was initially given life as a short Telus STORYHIVE funded film in 2014 when the public voted to fund the filmmakers as part of a community television funding contest. Additional funding was provided by LUSH Cosmetics, Patagonia, the VanCity Office of Community Engagement and from our generous backers on Indiegogo.

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